With a 100 percent recycled building material (50 percent recycled wood; 50 percent recycled polyethylene plastic both post-consumer), NewWood has invented a composite material. This wood plastic board could change the building industry. They have identified over 100 new applications or uses for it ranging from green home construction, chicken coops, handicap ramps, gardening, and horse trailers, just to name a few.

It is bendable, water-resistant (nearly water proof), fire-resistant, formaldehyde-free (no off-gassing), insect-resistant and food safe, just to name a few of its redeeming characteristics. Washington State University’s Composite Materials & Engineering Center found: Composite Plate Cnc Router

NewWood Recycles Potential 170 Million Pounds of Wood and Plastic Out of Landfills

As the photo above shows, it works well with a CNC Router for that Dinosaur model. It could easily be a container/box for various electronic projects instead of wood and then topped with a piece of acrylic. The board itself has no glues because the polyethylene melts into the wood particles (pretty impressive). I’m going to test it in a laser cutter, but it might just melt as it cuts. Not sure yet. I’ll let you know.

For the woodworking maker and hobbyist, it could provide a kid-safe material for table tops, playhouses, and more. I’m ordering a sheet of it to test out a small playhouse and may raffle it off at an upcoming fair. It comes in a bit more expensive than OSB or plywood; however, you could probably make the argument that it isn’t going to need replacing any time soon. If you’re environmentally conscious, this sustainable, eco-friendly product looks pretty impressive.

NewWood Recycles Potential 170 Million Pounds of Wood and Plastic Out of Landfills

Cnc Router For Insulation Board Hat tip to my friend Sean Aydlott at the CNC Router custom manufacturing shop Cut It For You. He showed me a 4x8 sheet of this material and it made me think of all sorts of maker uses for it.  Brainstorm with me below in the comments. I think they’ll have thousands of uses for NewWood very soon.